Valentines Obsession - My Valentine, love my, my all

Valentines Obsession

My Valentine, love my, my all,
Just how did this come to be?
This romance has me quite beguiled;
You might have get captivated me.

I {inhale|inhale and exhale|breathe in} you every waking hour,
And when I sleeping, I dream
That you are {within my|inside my|during my} arms again...
Sweet fantasies extreme.

I am just sure that I came to be developed for you;
You have me so fulfilled.
You kiss me and as me,
As wild thoughts commence to build.

But that is not all, my Valentines;
My mind is also yours.
And for this fine obsession,
It seems there are no treatments solutions.

So show me that you feel the same;
Tell me that {if you're most likely mine.
Tell me {you will|likely to|you are going to} always be
My appreciated Valentine.


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