Pakistan- Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehr o Iftar Timings Radzan Time

Pakistan- Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehr o Iftar Timings Radzan Time

My days are filled with yearning

Happy Valentines Day Poems and Sayings - Onlytextmessages

My evenings are loaded with dreams. 
I'm continually considering you; 
I'm in a daze, it appears. 
You're all I ever needed; 
I wish you could be mine; 
Thus I need to ask you: 
Will you be my Valentine?

You are my beginning and end, Valentine

beginning and end, Valentine - Onlytextmessages

You are my beginning and end, Valentine. 
As a desert animal yearns for water, 
my hunger for you can never be slaked. 
In a ho-murmur day delaying, 
considerations of you bring energy, happiness and delight. 
As a kid opens the birthday present he generally needed, 
I see all that I need in you. 
You are my beginning and end, Valentine.

is Valentine's Day, my love

Valentine's Day 2016 - Onlytextmessages

Each day with you 
is Valentine's Day, my affection. 
Each day is loaded with sentiment, 
with affection, with sharing and minding. 
Each day I am reminded 
that I am so honored to have you 
as my Valentine, my sweetheart, 
my partner, old buddy, 
my mate, my partner. 
No Valentine card, 
no words at all could express 
the amount I adore You, 
how happy I feel 
to realize that you are mine. 
My Valentine, 
each day, I'll attempt to demonstrate to you 
that consistently I cherish you more.

Baby, I'm in love with you!

Valentines Day 2016 - Onlytextmessages

It's the way you say I cherish you and the way you hold my hand 
There's equitable such a great amount about you I totally get it 
It's the twinkle in your eye that I just see when you take a gander at me 
It's the warmness of your hands it sends a stun straight to my feet 
It's the way you generally flabbergast me, you shock me throughout the day 
This I know is valid
Baby, I'm in love with you!

The way you Laugh, makes me Smile

Happy Valentines’ Day - Onlytextmessages

The way you Laugh, makes me Smile 
The way you Talk, gives me Butterflies 
Every little thing about you, makes me Happy 
Will you make me cheerful for the whole Lifetime by being my Valentine? 
In case you're hitched, go and kiss your life partner 
On the off chance that you have GF\BF, go and kiss that individual 
Furthermore, in case you're SINGLE, Kiss the ground and express gratitude toward GOD!
Happy Valentines’ Day !!!

My Current Status #

Happy Valentine’s day! - Onlytextmessages

Needed by Many 
Taken by None 
Taking a gander at Some 
However, Waiting for One 
Also, you are that one!
Happy Valentine’s day!

My Love Request

valentines day 2016 - Onlytextmessages

On the off chance that I reach with my hand, will you hold it? 
On the off chance that I hold out my arms, will you embrace me? 
On the off chance that I approach your lips, will you kiss me? 
On the off chance that I watch over you, will you cherish me? 
I need the world to realize that you're my Love. 
If it's not too much trouble 
Be my Valentine!

Love Number 143

Happy Valentines Day 2016 - Onlytextmessages

Love Number —>143
Luv Flower—>ROSE
Luv Place—>Taj Mahal
Luv Day —> 14 Feb..
Luv Organ —> Heart 
Luv Friends—> You..!!

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day 2016 Wishes Sms

Happy Valentines Day 2016 Wishes Sms

February 7: Rose Day - Rs.25(Red Rose)
February 8: Propose Day - Rs.200(Card + Ice Cream)
February 9: Chocolate Day - Rs.400(Cant Give A Low Price Chocolate)
February 10: Teddy Day - Rs.900(That S The Lowest Price)
February 11: Promise Day - Rs.180(Again,few Food Expenses )
February 12: Hug Day - Rs.320(You Have To Hug After Applying ADeo)
February 13: Kiss Day - Rs.200(Spray Mint Before Kissing) .
February 14: Valentine Day ___ Rs.2225(You Cant Handle Lesser Than ThisAmount)
Congrats - Singles,,,You Just Saved Nearly Rs.4000 In AWeek.. 

Happy Valentines Day 2016

valentines day text messages 2016

When I see my telephone illuminate, I generally trust that it's an instant message from you

I overlooked your name. Could I call you mine? Also, on the off chance that you overlook my name as well, call me yours!

Affection doesn't should be equivalent or be reasonable, it just should be genuine

Its difficult to overlook the past with somebody you need a future with..

I'm not dependent on messaging, I'm dependent on the individual I'm messaging

Now and again, somebody comes into your life and you will think about how you ever lived existence without him. That is affection.

Happy Valentines Day 2016