New rules of life for 2013

New rules of life for 2013

1. Haste Rehne ka.
2. Tension nai leneka.
3. B positive, eat positive, sleep positive
4. Mast rehneka.
5. Har problem ko solve kernay ka.
6. Friend k sath lifetime friendship account kholnay ka
7. Mujhko yaad rakhnay ka
Aur mujhey sms kertay rehnay ka.


A New Year’s Prayer

May ALLAH make ur year a happy one!
Not by shielding you from all sorrows and pain,
But by strengthening you to bear it, as it comes;
Not by making your path easy,
But by making you sturdy to travel any path;
Not by taking hardships from you,
But by taking fear from your heart;
Not by granting you unbroken sunshine,
But by keeping your face bright, even in the shadows;

Not by making your life always pleasant

Not by making your life always pleasant,

But by showing you when people
And their causes need you most,

And by making you anxious to be
There to help.


And joy to you for the year ahead

New Year Bring These Wishes To You All

May the New Year
Bring These Wishes To
You All…
Warmth 0f Love, Comfort 0f Home
Joy From Your Children, Company
And Support 0f Family n Friends
A Caring Heart That Accepts
n Treats All Human Beings Equally
Enrichment 0f Knowledge n
Richness 0f Diversity
Courage To Seek n Speak The Truth
Even If It Means Standing Alone
Hopes n Dreams 0f A Just World n
The Desire To Make It Happen
A Light To Guide Your Path
Helping Hands To Strengthen Unity
Serenity n Peace Within Your Mind,
Heart n Soul
Food For Thought n Soul
A Hand To Hold … !!! ?

My wishes for you, great start for Jan

My wishes for you, great start for Jan,
Love for Feb, peace for March,
No worries for April, fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov, happiness for Dec.
Have a lucky and wonderful 2013

Years come and go

Years come and go,
but this year I specially
wish for you a double dose
of health and happiness topped
with loads of good fortune..

Machali ko english me kehte hai fish

Machali ko english me kehte hai fish
hum apko bahut karte hai miss.
hamse phle koi kar na de apko 
koi wish 
isliye hum phle kar rahe hai wish.)

May this new year bring many opportunities to your way

May this new year bring many opportunities to your way,
to explore every joy of life
may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm,
turning all your dreams into reality
and all your efforts into great achievements.
Happy New Year to you & your loved ones.

Memorable moment are celebrated

Memorable moment r celebrated together,
U r my friend for 
now & forever,
Make me Miss U even more this New Year,
Hope this 2013 bring Happiness 
for you Dear.

Jata howa december

Jata howa december…

Ye keh raha hai tum se.

Ruthay ko tum mana lo.

Hans k galay laga lo.

Or keh do,


Happy New Year
“2  0  1  3″

Happy New Year 2013

Is Naye Saal mai..
Jo tu chahe wo tera ho,
Har din khubsoorat aur ratain roshan ho,
Kamiyabi chumte rahe tere kadam humesha yaar,
Naya Saal Mubarok ho tuje mere Yaar.

Is rishte ko yunhi banaye rakhna

Is rishte ko yunhi banaye rakhna,
Dil me yaado k chirag jalaye rakhna,
bahut Pyara safar raha 2012 ka,
apna sath 2013 me bhi aisy he  banaye rakhna.
Happy New Year 2013

Somehow Not Only For

Somehow, not only for Christmas, 
But all the long year
through, The joy that you give to others, 
Is the joy
that comes back to you. 
And the more you spend in blessing,
The poor and lonely and sad, 
The more of your heart”s
possessing, Returns to you glad.

There Is No Ideal Christmas

There is no ideal Christmas; 
the one Christmas you
decide to make as a reflection 
your values, desires,
affections, traditions.

Christmas Is The Seasone

Christmas is the season 
kindling the fire of
hospitality in the hall, 
the genial flame of charity
in the heart.

Christmas Is A Time

Christmas is a time when everybody wants his past
forgotten and his present remembered. 
What I don”t
like about office Christmas parties is looking for
a job the next day.

Faith makes all things possible

Faith makes all things possible,
Hope makes all things work,
Love makes all things beautiful,
May you have all the three for this Christmas.

Christmas may be many things

Christmas may be many things
Or it may be a few.
For you, the joy
Is each new toy
For me its watching u.

From home to home

From home to home and heart to heart,
From one place to another,
The warmth and joy of Christmas,
Brings us closer to each other.

I am dreaming of white christmas

I am dreaming of white christmas,
With every christmas card i write,
May your days be merry and bright,
And may all your christmas be white.
Happy Christmas.

Chritmas ka yeh pyara tyohaar

Chritmas ka yeh pyara tyohaar
Jeevan mein laye khushiyan apaar,
Santa clause aaye aapke dwar,
Subhkamna hamari kare sweekar.
Merry Christmas.

Heap on the wood

Heap on the wood!-the wind is chill, 
But let it whistle as it will, 
We’ll keep our Christmas merry still.