Pakistan- Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehr o Iftar Timings Radzan Time

Pakistan- Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehr o Iftar Timings Radzan Time

Whatsapp teaches us 3 things

Whatsapp teaches us 3 things: 
1. Whatever makes you happy, save it. 
2. Whatever makes others happy, forward it. 
3. Whatever will make no one happy, delete it. 
Apply these rules in life and life will be much easier. 
Have a Superb Weekend!

Learn something new every single day. 
You will never get old if you do. 
Have a great weekend!

Nothing to say Nothing to write Nothing to send 
But I believe that you’ll listen, read and reciprocate 
my feelings even in your silence. 
Have a happy weekend, my dear friend!

What are the strongest days of the week? 
Saturday and Sunday. 
All the rest are weak days. 
Have a nice weekend!

There is no greater word that Friday. 
Have a great weekend full of dancing, 
fun and if you are going drink quite a lot, 
don’t lose your head.

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Man To Motel Desk Clerk

Man To Motel Desk Clerk:How Much For Room.

Clerk:depends On Room Size
Man:Do You Take Children?
Clerk:No, Sir,Only Cash And Credit Cards

Tabyat Kaisi Hai Aab

Doc:Tabyat Kc He Ab

Mariz: Pehle Se Ziada Khrab He
Doc: Dawai Khali Thi Kya
Mriz:Nai Dawa Ki Shishi To Bhari Hui Thi
Doc:I Mean Dawai Le Li Thi
Mriz:Ji Ap Ne Di Thi To Mene Le Li Thi
Doc:Bewaquf Dawai Pi Li Thi
Mriz:Nai Ji Dawai To Laal Thi
Doc:Abe Gadhe Dawai Ko Pi Liya Tha
Mriz:Nai Sahb Piliya To Muje Tha
Doc:Saale Dawa Ko Mun Se Lga K Pet Me Dala Tha
Mriz:Ap Ne Hi To Kaha Tha K Shishi Ko Dhakan Lga K Rakhna. Me Thik To Ho Jaunga Na Sahb?

Train Me 1 Larke Ne

Train Me 1 Larke Ne Cigarete Jalai,

Pas Bethe Admi Ne Usse Kaha;
Cigarete K Dhuwai'n Se Meri Tabyat Khrab Hony Lgti Hy
Larka Bola:Tou Aap Smoking Q Krty Hyn;->

A Man Goin 2 His Work

A Man Goin 2 His Work, Another Man Asks:

"Kahan Ja Raha Hy Bhai?"
2nd Rplied: Yar Kaarkhany Ja Rha Hon
1st: Aby Ghr Me Khana Nhi Pkta Jo Car Khany Ja Rha Hy ;->

Mangta Hoon To Deti Nahi

Mangta Hoon To Deti Nahi...

Jawab Mere Salwal Ka..

Deti Hai To Khada Ho Jata Hai..

Rom Rom Jazbat Ka..

Khada Hota Hai To Dalne Ko Man Karta Hai....

Balo Me Fool Gulab Ka...

Dalta Hoon To Tapak Padta Hai..

Patta Patta Gulab Ka...

Ur Annual Dementia Test

Ur Annual Dementia

Test! :)

Exercise Of Brain Is As Important As Of The Muscles.
Below Is A Very Important Private Way To Guage Ur Loss & Non-Loss Of Intelligence. :)
OK - Relax - Clear Ur Mind & Begin

Wat Do We Put In Toaster?

If U Said 'Toast,'
Give Up Now. Try Not To Hurt Urself. If U Said 'Bread,' Go To Next Question.

Say - 'Silk' 9 Times
Now - Spell 'Silk.' Wat Do Cows Drink?

Cows Drink 'Water'
If U Said 'Milk' Dont Attempt The Next One. Ur Brain Is Over-Stressed N May Even Overheat. Proceed If U Said 'Water'.

If Red House Is Made Of Red Bricks, Black House Of Black Bricks, Blue Of Blue Bricks, Yellow Of Yellow Bricks, Pink Of Pink Bricks, Brown Of Brown Bricks, What's A Green House Made Of?

Green House Is Made Of Grass :P
If U Said 'Green Bricks' -Y The Heck R U Still Readin? :P


1 Class Ka Bacha

1 Class Ka Bacha Apni Miss Se Kehta Hai.

Mai Aap Ko Kaisa Lagta Hoon?
Miss: So Sweet!
Bacha: To Phir Mai Apne Ammi Abbu Ko Aap K Ghar Kab Bhejun.
Miss: Wo Kyon?
Bacha: Ta'kay Wo Hamari Baat Agay Chalayen,
Miss: Ye Kya Bakwaas Hai!

Tution Parhne K Liye..

I Dont Knw If I Am A

I Don't Knw If I Am An Imprtant & Valued 1 In Ur Lyf Or Nt..

Bt Yes, I Jst Hope Whn I'll Die U'll Cum
Little Nearer To My Coffin Nd Body,
Will Hav Couple Of Tears Rolled Out Of Ur Eyes,
Saying Slowly..


Khizan Aa Kar

Khizan Aa Kar

Dariichon Mein

Thehar Jaye

To Dewaron Pe

Calendar Badalne Se

Baharen To Nahen Aten!!! ;->

Kaanto Ki Tarah Chubti Hai

Tanhai Bhi Hamari Aajkal Hum Par Hasti Hai,

Jaise Koi Machhali
Pani Ke Liye Tarasti Hai,
Badalon Ki Tarah Meri
Ankhen Barasti Hai,
Bahut Samjhaya Maine Apni Saanso Ko Tham Ja,
Par Ye Bhi Ab Hume Kaanto Ki Tarah Chubti Hai…

Your Life Is As Lonely

Your Life Is As Lonely As You Would Like To Make.

Your Joy Is As Much As You Decide To Feel.
Your Night Is As Long As You Want To Wake.
Your Destination Is As Far As U Decide 2 Walk

No One Sets Limits 4 You,

No One Catch The Span Of The Sky
Ur Sky Is As Much As U Would Want 2 Reach. . .
All U Need Is 2 Rise, So Spread Ur Wings And Decide To Fly. .
May The Forces Of Nature Be With You!

"Good Night"
God Bless U...

Im With You

I'm With You Reading This ,
Looking At Your Eyes And Your Lips,
Touching Your Lips Softly, My Fingertips .
Making Love To You In Every Kiss .
We Play Together All Night ,
We Hold Each Other At The Morning Light .
Have A Sweet Dreams Baby ...

O Moon Go Slowly

O Moon Go Slowly ..

O Beautiful Birds Dont Make Noise ..
O My Heart Beat Silently ..
Because My Friend Is Going To Sleep ..
Gud Nite ..;-)

Ab So Jao K Sapne

Ab So Jao K Sapne

Intizaar Kerty Hyn

Theek Nahi Yun Khwabo'n
...Se Dushmani Kerna . . .!

G O . 0 D
N I G H T :)

Fees Maafi Di Darkhwast

Da Principal,
High School

Gal Eh Ha K Mere Abby Ny Menu Fees 500RS. Diti C.100 Ta Dostan Ny Film Ty Lawa Dita,150dy Samosy Ty Bottlan P Liyan.5o Da AZRA Nu Load Krwa Dita.Baki 200 Englsh Wali Madm Ty Shart Har Gya.Dostan Ne Shart Lai C K Ohda Sirf MATH Waly Sir Nal Chakar Ay Pr Ohda Te Tohady Naal V Chakr Nikal Aya! Main Hun Kangla Ho Gya Wa Ty Ais Lae Fees Maaf Kiti Javy

Ain Nwazish Hove Gi..

1 Sharif Std-;-)

William Sastapairs

William Sastapairs

'Chawal' Frndz R Always 'Chawal'.
They Receive Many Msgs But They Send 'Ikka Dukka'
Msgs In A Week
Actually They R Spacial Kind Of 'Chawals'.
They Becom More 'Dheet' After A Lot Of 'Bisti'.
They R Bhikari Infront Of Frndz Bt Very Sakhee 4 Their Grlfrnds.

Tutt Painay Never Eat Sharam

Saas Hovay Tay Changi Hovay

Arz Kya Hai:

Saas Hovay Tay Changi Hovay.

Ghor Kijiye Ga.

Saas Hovay Tay Changi Hovay

Nahi Tay.

Photo Deewar Tay Tangi Hovay. :-)

Aap Ki Zindagi Hamesha

Ess /, / '/, / '/, /
/, / Barish /' /, /' Ki /, / '/, / '/, / '/
/, / '/, /Pehli /, /
Bo?Nd /, / '/, / '
/, / '/, /Matti /, /
Pei /, / '/, / '/, /
/, / '/, /Girne /
Se /, / '/, / '/, /
/, / '/ Uthne /,/'/
Vali K /Khushbu
K Tarha
Zindagi Hamesha

Have A Great Week Ahead

Fresh Air? Fresh Idea?

Fresh Talent? Fresh Energy?
I Wish U To Have A?
Special Sunday..
Marvellous Monday?
Tasty Tuesday?
Wonderful Wednesday?
Thankful Thursday?
Friendly Friday?
Successful Saturday?
*Have A Great Week Ahead*

Whatever you can do or dream you can, 
begin it.
Boldness has genius, 
power and magic in it. 
Have a Nice Weekend!

Accept what is, 
let go of what was, 
and have faith in what will be. 
Have a nice weekend!

This Friday is going to be great time 
after this long and hard week, 
cant wait. 

Have a Great Weekend

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Happy Sawan

Besan Ki R0ti,

Lem0 Ka Achar,
D0st0n Ki Khushi,
Apn0n Ka Pyar,
Sawan Ki Rain,
Kisi Ka Intezar,
Mubarak Ho Apko
Barish Ki Bahar,
"Happy Sawan"

Wish Come True

EvErYtHiNg GO RIgHt, 

May ALL THe WIsHes U WIsH CoMe TrUe

Never Say U R Happy

Never Say U R Happy When U R Sad..

Never Say U R Fine When U R Not Ok..
Never Say U Feel Good When U Feel Bad,.
Never Say U R Alone When I M Still Alive...{Dedicated To My Friend}
Good Luck And Best Wishes For Ever

Humaisha Kamyabi Paoo


Jisay App Piyar nahi kertay


Agar ApSe Wo Insan
Kahe Jise Aap Pyar Nahi Karte

To Kis Tarha Aap Usay KahoGe K UsKa Dil Bhi Na Tutay.
Reply must i m wating

Quotes of Mind

1. Russian General in 1987, Pathans are the most brave people ever born on the earth.

these people cant be defeated by force.

2. By American General in 2004,
we are fighting a meaning less war against the Rocks.

3. By indian General in Siachin War,
If there were no NWFP province in pakistan.
I am sure that atleast Kashmir was 0urs

*Dont send ONLY bad msgs in name of pathanz.

We salute pathans.
B united , We r all Pakistani.

I thought u could use some beauty

I thought u could use some beauty

In your life today
So i'm sending you this greeting
To let u know that i'm
Thinking about you
& sending some goos wishes your way
May your day be touched with sunshine
Your hesrt overflow with love
& your soul sing with hope
Msy everything in your life sparkle
With a radiances that
Comes only from happiness

Thank you 4 the yesterdays

Thank you 4 the yesterdays

The dreams
You made come true
Thank you 4 the special touch
You put in all that you do
Thanks you 4 the promise of love
My whole life through

Aasman ka chand teri bahon me ho

Aasman ka chand teri bahon me ho

Tu jo chahe teri rahon me ho
Har wo khwab ho
pura jo teri aankhon me ho
Khush Kismati ki hr
Lakir tere hathon me ho

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

and May
your marriage be Blessed with love,
joy And companionship
For all the years of your lives!

On this special day

On this special day,

best wishes go to you,
that this wonderful love u share,
lasts ur lifetime through.
Happy anniversary to you my Love

Hoping that the love

Hoping that the love u shared years ago

Is still as strong today as it was
then Bringing u much joy , love
and happiness To celebrate again.
Happy Anniversary

How true my feelings were

How true my feelings were
I found out to be The best thing
in my life Was when you married me
Thank you my loving wife(loving Husband),
For the years we share I know one
thing for sure We make a wonderful pair

Nothing in this world Could

Nothing in this world Could ever be

As wonderful as the love You’ve given me
Your love makes my days so very bright,
just knowing you’re my darling wife(Husband).
Happy Wedding Anniversary

I'll always remember

I'll always remember the day I married you,
Without you my love, my beauty, I don't know what I'd do,
Your loving and thoughtful just to mention two,
I adore your sweet smile It makes me want you.

I'm sending this bouquet of love

I'm sending this bouquet of love

To say that I love you so much
I hope I say it often enough
I want you to know it's true,
On this special occasion I want to remind you,
That you are my everything And my love is true.

Tere piyar main ham ne

Tere piyar main ham ne sara jahan thukraya hai
phir bi tune kadam kadam par sataya hai
To apni kasmoon oar wadoon se muker gai bewafa
teri essi berukhiyoon ne mara hai

Husband and wife

Jan socha ajj call ker loon tum ko
tum miss kar rahi ho gi
Jo 5 mint pehle laraie (fight) hoiee thi wo kia tha?
Oh fittay moon Phir ghar ka number mil gia.