Christmas is not a time nor a season

Christmas is not a time nor a season,
but a state of mind.
To cherish peace and goodwill,
to be plenteous in mercy,
is to have the real spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is a time

Christmas is a time when
everybody wants his past forgotten
and his present remembered.
Merry Chrismtas

Friendship On Christmas Night

Your friendship is a glowing ember
through the year n each december
from its warm n livin spark
W kindle flame against da dark
with its shining radiance light
our tree of faith on Christmas night.

Two things upon this changing earth

Two things upon this changing earth

Two things upon this
changing earth can neither change nor end;
the splendor of Christ’s humble birth,
the love of friend for friend.
Merry Xmas!

A Peaceful Christmas

A Peaceful Christmas and
A happy and prosperous
New Year to you. May we all
be seven times better off at this
time next year !

Faith makes all things possible

Faith makes all things possible
'Faith makes all things possible,Hope makes all things
work,Love makes all things beautiful,May you have all
the three for this Christmas.

X’mas is love

X’mas is love….
X’mas is dedication…X’mas is happiness..
Happy X’MAS to you and your family
with a
bunchn of love and prayers…..!

No Greeting Card To Give

No Greeting Card To Give..
No Sweet Flowers To Send..
No Cute Graphics To Forward..

Christmas may be many things

Christmas may be many things
or it may be a few.
For you, the joy
is each new toy;
for me;
it’s watching U.

Happy Christmas Day

Being thankful

Being thankful is a blessed opportunity.
An opportunity everyone
has access to on
Thanksgiving Day.
Give thanks to all those who matter.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Doing good is what seems best

Doing good is what seems best.
Doing good also earns you respect.
But more than that,
it makes you feel good about yourself.
do a good deed this Thanksgiving!
Wish you a very
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Once a year you

Once a year you get the chance to thank God,
your family,
friends and every
little joy that comes each day.
Make this Thanksgiving,
an occasion that you will always remember!
May you have a
Happy Thanksgiving!

May you forever

May you forever have
a million
reasons to be
thankful to God.
Wishing you a very ....

Happy Thanksgiving!

More than merely appreciating

More than merely appreciating our blessings,
it is important to use them in a correct way.
This only can truly determine as to how thankful we are!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Here comes the time to be merry,
Don't hold your heart and be sorry,
Better it is to say, 'Thank You',
Than be always so blue.
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is here

Thanksgiving is here,
So live it up and be of good cheer,
Feast on goodies and have fun.
Happy Thanksgiving!