Ramadan Timetable 2018: Sehr O Iftar Timetable

Wish u a very happy Ramadan Mubarak

May This Ramadan be as brilliant as ever. 
May this Ramadan bring euphoria, wellbeing and riches to you. 
May the celebration of lights light up you 
furthermore, your precious ones lives. 
May this Ramadan get u the most 
brightest and choicest satisfaction and 
adore you have ever Wished for. 
May this Ramadan present to you the 
most extreme in peace and success. 
May lights triumph over haziness. 
May peace rise above the earth. 
May the soul of light enlighten the world. 
May the light that we celebrate at Ramadan 

*                                                            *
                             aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa               *
                    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa           aaaaaa
                  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa                  aaaa
                 aaaaaaaaaaaaa aa                      aa
*               aaaaaaaa      aa                         a
                aaaaaaa aa aaaa
          *    aaaaaaaaa     aaa
               aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa                               *
               aaaaaaa    aaaaaaaaaa
               aaaaaa a aaaaaa aaaaaa
                aaaaaaa  aaaaaaa
                aaaaaaaa                                 a
                 aaaaaaaaaa                            aa
                  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa                  aaaa
                    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa           aaaaaa        *
      *               aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
                      *      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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