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You Taught Me How To Be Mother

You Taught Me How To Be Mother

Mother you are my managing light,
You held my hand in the darkest night.
Pursuing devils and drizzle mists away,
Revealing to me rainbows on bleak days.

Mother you provided for me wings to fly,
Supporting me generally as years moved by.
Never giving me a chance to feel I was short of what the rest,
When I lost a race, or fizzled a test.

Mother you are my sample forever,
You taught me how to be mother, and wife.
The lessons I took in sitting at your knee,
I'm appreciative for all your time went through with me.

Mother you're likewise my companion so dear,
Prepared to listen with a supportive ear.
Offering exhortation, an embrace and a grin,
Helping me to remember all in my life that is advantageous.

Mother you're generally close in my heart,
Despite the fact that we now live far separated.
Separation can't break what has become solid with time,
Also sustained with adoration, both yours and mine.

Happy Mother's Day 
means more than flowers and gifts 
It means saying thank you 
It means I love you 
You are my mother, my friend 
Today is your day

I luv u mom 
having u makes me feel safe & calm 
I miss u mom 
Missing touches 2 my face with ur chapped palm 
u r the greatest 

because u r my mom 

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