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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lady wanted 2 go 2 toilet

Lady wanted 2 go 2 toilet

In a party a lady wanted
to go to toilet so
she inquired with a sardar
papaji susu karne ki jagah dikhao,
sardarji replied u naughty
pehle tum dikhao.

Stupid It's Lifeboy Soap

In a bath room,
a boy touches a girl everywhere!
You Know whose that boy?
Stupid It's Lifeboy Soap!
Dirty people always think dirty.

Eat an Ice Cream

I want to suck you
lick you
wanna move my tongue all over you
wanna feel you in my mouth
yep, that's how you
eat an ice cream!
Always start your day with a lot of... S E X
so make S E X a daily habit, and youll always B SUCC SEX FUL! in LIFE.

A white man was on a safari in Africa

A white man was on a safari in Africa. 
He saw a black man bathing in a river and noticed the guy was really well-endowed.
In fact, it was hanging below the knees. 
The white man stared in astonishment.
The black man asked in anger: What's the matter, does not the white man's member shrink in cold water?

A Boy Takes His Girlfriend To A Restaurant

A boy takes his girlfriend to a restaurant.
Boy: Kya khayegi?
Girlfriend: Jo aap khaoge 
Boy: Vagina?
The girlfriend gets angry and slaps the boy.
Boy: Pagal Aurat, I was asking Veg hi na?`

A girl calls a boy

A girl calls a boy: Ghar Pe Koi Nai Hai. Aa Jaao, Aish Karenge!
Boy (shocked): Abhi To Tere Saath 2 Baar Kar Ke  Lauta Hu?
Girl: Oh, Sorry! Phir Se Tumhe Hi Lag Gaya!