April Fools Day Quotes Sayings

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April Fool SMS Text Messages - Funny All Fools Day Text Messages
April Fool Sms Messages - Well everybody is aware of upcoming 1st April, many of you would be handy with April fools pranks.
April Fool Sms Messages - Well everybody is aware of upcoming 1st April, many of you would be handy with April fools pranks
April Fool Sms Messages - Well everybody is aware of upcoming 1st April, many of you would be handy with April fools pranks

someone as special as you

Someone as special as you,
who always thinks of others,
whos true to her heart
and dedicated to her family,
deserves a wonderful birthday.
I hope your birthday is the best ever,
a memorable time that you ll always look
back on fondly.
May the day bring you as
much beauty as a garden full
of pink roses in bloom,
and inspire hope for tomorrow.

Happy Birthday..!

Flying papers

Flying papers,
multi colors of balloon,
dedicated blossom,
fantastic people,
love and laughter.
What it describes?


One day sky was crying

One day sky was crying.

I ask him why are you
crying today.

He told me i have lost my
beautiful start.

It was a day when you were born.


live your life

You were crying when u were born
while evrybody was laughing there
As u live 2 blow a thousand candles,
live ur life humbly so that
u would b the one laughing when u die
and everybody else would be crying.

Happy Birthday :)

belated happy b'day

my plane was crashed but i m ok,
my car was stolen yesterday,
i missed the bus,
my mobile's battry was also verylow,
thats y i can't get u yesterday,
plz 4giv me

Observe your birthday now

As we observe your birthday now,
Your cake and gifts don't matter much.
These common things aren't really you,
Ribbons, paper hats and such.

We celebrate a person who
Brings happiness to everyone,
Someone who gives more than she gets,
And fills our lives with joy and fun.

So Happy Birthday, and many more!
We hope you make it to a hundred and two,
Because we cannot even dream
What life would be like without you.

4 line

Taaron me akela chaand jagmagata hai,
Muskilon me akela
insaan hi dagmagata hai,

Kaanto se mat
ghabrana mere dost,

Kyuki kaanton me hi ek gulaab muskurata hai...

Meri Rooh Jesay Kuchal Gya

meri rooh jesay kuchal gya,
koi shaks aisy badal gya,
ye kis ka harf-e- dua raha,
k main girty girty sanbhal gya,

teri yaad jab aany lagi,
mera dard jesy behal gya,
meri qismaton ka qaafla,
kisi aur janib nikal gya,

tumhain dekhty hain bysabab,
koi khawab mera machal gya,
mera patharon sa garoor tha,
magar tery aqgy pighal gya....

Mohabbaton Main Kuch

Mohabbaton Main Kuch Aisey Bhi Haal Hotey Hain
Khafa Hoon Jin Sey Unhi K Khayal Hotey Hain.
Machaltey Rehtey Hain Zehnon Main Waswason Ki Tarhan
Haseen Loog Bhi Jaan Ka Wabaal Hotey Hain

Main Dil K Zakhm Chupaoon Teri Tarhan Kaisey
…K Terey Paas Tou Lafzon K Jaal Hotey Hain

Bas Ek Tu Hi Sabab Tou Nahin Udaasi Ka
Tarhan Tarhan K Dilon Ko Malaal Hotey Hain
Siyah Raat Main Jaltey Hain Jugnuon Ki Tarhan
Dilon K Zakham Bhi Kitney Kamaal Hote Hain.

Zakhm Shumari

Ghaa’o Gintay Na Kabhi Zakhm Shumari Krty,
Ishq mein Ham Bhi Agr Waqt Guzari Krty,
Tujh mein To Khair Mohabat K Thy Pehlu Hi Bahut,
Dushman-E-Jaan Bhi Agr Hota To Yari Krty,

Ho Gay Dhool Teray Rastay mein Baithay Baithay,
Ban Gay Aks Teri Aaiena-Dari Krtay,
Waqt Aya Hy Judai Ka To Ab Sochtay Hain,
Tujhay AaSaab Py Itna Bhi Na Taari Krtay,
Hotay Sooraj To Hamein Shah-E-Falak Hona Tha,
Chand Hotay To Sitaron Py Sawari Krtay,

Kabhi ik Pal Na Mila Takht-E-Takhayul Warna,
Teri Her Soch Ko Hum Raaj-Kumari Krtay,
Akhri Daa’o Lgana Nahi Aya Hum ko,
Zindgi Beet Gai Khud Ko juwari kartay.